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Healthy Eating, Made Easy

Leading organizations are rethinking the workplace to meet the demands of their workforce. We believe this starts with healthy food to fuel your day with Origin Market. 

Fresh at your Fingertips

Origin Market is not another vending machine. Your personalized market is stocked with fresh food and high quality drink and snack items you won't find with anyone else. Using the latest technology and remote monitoring, we analyze and learn the buying patterns of your employees and tailor the product selection just for you. 

Swipe. Grab. Go.

Each fridge comes with a cash-less terminal. You simply swipe your card to unlock the fridge and remove the items you'd like. Using patented RFID technology the swiped card is automatically billed for whatever was removed. It's fast, simple and secure. 

Workplace Benefits

Increased Productivity

Save time consuming trips to local restaurants or fast food joints. High quality food is steps away

Employee Morale

Skip offering the boring chip bags and high sugar sodas. Easy access to the healthy food they'll love. 

Low Cost, High Impact

Market is a fraction of the cost of a traditional food & beverage vendor. 

Zero Headache

We remotely monitor each Market and restock automatically. A completely hassle-free solution for executives and office managers. 

Employee Incentives

Many employers choose to provide a direct subsidy to meal cost as a perk to employees or choose periodic gift cards for a job well done. 

Ready to talk?

We'd love to connect with you on what Origin Market can do for you. 

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